It’s a new year… are you ready to learn some new beauty lessons?  Every time the calendar turns to a brand new year many of us are inspired to make some changes and really start fresh.  So often we focus on our health and wellness, but it’s a great time to switch up and really have more focus on your beauty regimen as well!  With so many different beauty tips and lessons floating around, we wanted to cut out any overwhelm and help you focus on some of the most important beauty lessons to learn in 2017 so you can start this year off on a beautiful note.

Highlight Your Features
So many of us get caught up in the mindset that beauty product and techniques are about hiding our features or ‘flaws’ as some call them.  But the truth is, makeup and beauty products alike are really about helping you to highlight your natural features.  Make 2017 the year you learn the beauty lesson of working with what you’ve got – instead of trying to work against it.  Understand that what works for others may not be what works for you, and vice versa.  Finding products and techniques that highlight and flatter YOU are going to help you look and feel your best.

Not All Products are Created Equally
As we mentioned above, we think it’s great to learn that you can splurge and save on some product.  But it is important to keep in mind that not all products are created equally.  But that’s not just price related, it’s also the fact that not all products are created to work with every person’s skin tone and type.  Understanding that you don’t have to fit into a mold of using certain products because they’re hip or cool is going to be an essential beauty lesson for you to learn in 2017.  Focus less on the ‘trendy’ products and more on whether they actually fit your skin’s type and tone – it’s going to be incredibly liberating when you make that mindset switch because you’ll be able to see products much more clearly to suit what you actually need them to.

Of course, there are plenty of other beauty lessons that are ready to be learned in the new year, but we thought we’d start off with these to help you get started.