A big part of your success in getting beautiful skin at any time of day is the skin care routine you use. We’ll share our recommendations for developing a day and night skin care regime that is just right for your skin type and the special challenges you face, such as dryness or acne.

If you are planning a night on the town, you need more than just beautiful skin. You also need a gorgeous hairstyle to match. We’ll share some of the best updos to wear after dark, ranging from formal looks like a chignon to more trendy and funky styles with unique designs. You’ll have a choice of options for whatever event you are planning and whatever look you want to create.

Of course, you’ll want to finish off your evening look with a classic, little black dress. There are a range of options, depending on your personal style and your body shape. We’ll share some recommendations for every body type and every style. You’ll be able to create a look that is classic and elegant or hot and sexy. You’ll have options for any event.

No matter what time of day it is, you will want to look your best. This week, we’ll tell you about a new coloring technique to help you get naturally beautiful-looking hair. Known as “color melting,” this technique creates a style that looks like it has natural highlights. Colors seem to melt into each other, going from dark to light in a natural pattern. The look creates depth and texture that is both interesting and more natural looking than some other traditional color techniques.

To match your beautiful new hair, we’ll also share some hot new makeup tricks that you likely have never heard of. These tricks come straight from professional makeup artists, such as shaving your face to get a perfectly smooth canvas for flawless foundation application or putting on your blush before your foundation or moisturizer to create a “lit from within” look. Our tips will help you create a look just like you would get from a professional makeup artist so you look flawless every time.

Finally, we’ll talk about finishing details with the hottest new nail polish colors. You’ll be able to create a polished look (pun intended) from head to toe, ensuring that you look completely put together and on trend. You’ll feel gorgeous and confident no matter what you are doing.