If you’re like us, your skin isn’t something you’re always 100% satisfied with.  It seems like just when you’re on the right track, the weather or season will change and affect your skin in a whole new way.  Since we’re right in the middle of summer, you may be facing some common summer skin problems.  We want to help you beat those pesky summer skin problems and enjoy the rest of the summer with ease, so we’re sharing how to beat them like a pro.

Watching the Sun

Probably one of the most common summer skin problems is dealing with the sun. Let’s face it, you’re outside more often this time of year than any other time.  So the chances of you getting sunburn are a lot higher.  Obviously, the best bet for beating this summer skin problem is not stepping outside without making sure your skin is protected from the sun with proper protection products.

Oily Skin

It’s likely that you’ve felt like your skin is more oily in the summer months. We tend to sweat more naturally feeling like we’re more oily.  Because of the increase in oil production and everything in your skin during the summer months, it can lead to more breakouts popping up (just what you want, not!).  To avoid pesky breakouts from the increase in oil, experts suggest making sure that you’re on a regular exfoliation routine.  A good exfoliation product will help detox your skin from any unnecessary oil and clean it out from extra dirt or bacteria that could lead to breakouts happening.  Find a good exfoliation product and make sure you’re applying it a couple times per week to prevent breakouts caused by the additional oil production.

Dry Skin

If you’re not someone who’s been dealing with oily skin during the summer, you could be on the opposite end of the spectrum and have dry skin giving you troubles.  The dry skin you’re facing can be the result of being in air conditioning a lot (which has been known to cause dry skin), or even just being in the sun too much without proper skin protection.  If you are dealing with a lot of dryness in your skin, one way to beat that is to make sure you’re using a great moisturizing product.  If you’re using a moisturizer and still experiencing a lot of dryness, try a creamier moisturizer and make sure you’re on an exfoliating routine.  Both moisturizers and exfoliating products are great for everyone, but extra important when you’re dealing with more dryness than normal.

What summer skin problems have you been dealing with?