It’s officially back to school season all around the US.  Parents are thrilled, students are excited/ nervous/ not ready to go back, and teachers are getting ready to teach their students for the year.  Regardless of what grade someone is starting this school year, it always starts out with a little stress around skin, beauty, and fashion.  Deciding on outfits and hairstyles those first few days back are always the trickiest.  Since everyone is gearing up for the new school year, we thought it was the perfect time to chat back to school beauty all week long – will you join us?

Getting out of the door on time in the morning can be tricky for anyone, especially teen girls as they start experimenting with different beauty products and such.  We’ve discovered an effective twenty minute morning routine to get anyone out the door quicker, without needing to feel like you look like you rushed to get ready.  We’re sharing some of the tips and tricks on, if you want to get ready quicker in the morning you’re going to want to tune in for those details!

Next up we’re discussing gift baskets for the first week of college.  If you know, or have, someone who’s starting college in the next couple of weeks, we’ve got some great ideas for care packages to send them.  Any student in college loves receiving fun little baskets with some fun necessities they may not be able to get, or want to get for themselves, when they’re starting college.  Plus, it’s a fun way to show them you’re thinking of them!  We’re getting into some creative ideas on this week.

Naturally, if you’re getting up for school in the morning, you likely want to maximize your sleep time.  (Of course, this applies to us ALL, not just those in school.)  But getting up to do your hair in the morning can sometimes take time away from your precious shut-eye hours.  Until now!  We’ve discovered some pretty phenomenal ways for you to get better hair in your sleep – because how awesome does that sound?!  Luckily, we’ve got some super easy ways for you to achieve it and we’re talking about them on!

Let’s face it, dealing with breakouts and acne of any kind is frustrating and embarrassing.  Even though teens and tweens all deal with it, it seems like it’s one of those things that’s always annoying.  We’ve got some great, easy to use clear skin advice for tweens to implement.  Because no one wants to go through school with breakouts!  Join us on for all the details this week.

Starting school again for the year likely means you, or the students in your life, are going to want some fun new hairstyles to rock.  But let’s be honest… we often run out of ideas or get stuck in a rut with how to wear our hair.  We’ve got some fun, easy hairstyle inspiration for you this week on  We’re chatting about creating cute ponytails, pigtails and buns in unique ways, come join us!

Finally, everyone wants to look their best on the first day of school (really the first week).  So we decided to share some great ways to looking refreshed on the first day of school, so you can go back looking and feeling your all-time best this school year.  Find out the details on