Summertime is all about keeping things cool, both literally and figuratively.  Most of us tend to want to be on the more casual, lo-fi side of things during the warmer months.  Not only because it’s warmer outside, but also because we all just tend to FEEL more laid back during the summer.  While we want to achieve this summer’s lo-fi look, it can be difficult knowing how to actually pull it off successfully.  But as always, we’re sharing some of our must-know tips for helping to achieve it successfully this season.


Whether it’s your hair, makeup or style the key to really achieving the lo-fi look is keeping things minimal.  That means keeping accessories to a minimum, hairstyles easy breezy and simple, and the same with your makeup.  The lo-fi look is really all about minimizing the flashy, super over-the-top looks and keeping things simple.  So if you want to truly achieve the look, incorporating it into your entire look will really help you achieve it successfully.

Know What to Enhance

Since lo-fi is all about minimizing details and an overall look, it’s really important to know what to enhance.  With minimal ‘stuff’ you’re going to want to focus on enhancing your best features, and really the feature you want to enhance to flatter.  For example, if you want to enhance your eyes adding a little liner and/or eyeshadow but keeping everything else very minimal is a great way to do that.  On another note, if you want to enhance your legs with your outfit wearing shorts/skirts and keeping everything else a little more modest is the way to go.  There are so many different ways of going about this, but you first need to decide what you’re looking to enhance and have as the focal point of your overall look.  It’s then much easier for you to dress, style, apply things to that need focus and keep the rest very minimal (or lo-fi).

Have a Solid Base

Ok so you know the lo-fi look is all about minimal flashiness, which means it’s important to start with a solid base – especially when it comes to applying lo-fi to your hair and makeup.  When you’re incorporating lo-fi to your hair and makeup, essentially you’re not adding much fluff so having a healthy, solid base is going to ensure you achieve the look successfully.  This means making sure your skin is on point when it comes to health, and your hair too!  So make sure you’re being consistent with your skin care routine, applying the proper products to your skin AND hair.

Achieving the lo-fi summer look really doesn’t have to be difficult. Have the right base and know what you’re enhancing on yourself and you’re sure to achieve it successfully!  It’s a great look to work with in the summer months, to keep things simple and easy for yourself all season long.  Let’s face it – less fussing and time means more time enjoying all the summer activities.