We all know the struggle of chapped and dry lips during the winter months.  It seems like every year as the winter months approach suddenly you start seeing everyone walking around with their chosen lip balms in hand at all times.  You often hear about taking care of your skin differently in the winter months, but not often in relation to what we should be doing for our lips.  The truth is you need a winter skincare routine just for your lips!  Before you panic and feel like it’s another thing to add to your list, we’re sharing the details so you’re fully prepared and can keep your pout luscious all winter long.

Exfoliate Your Pout
You’ve probably heard about exfoliating your skin at least a thousand times by now (especially if you follow our posts).  You hear it often because it really is a crucial part of having a healthy skincare routine.  Well, exfoliating shouldn’t just be for your skin on your face, but should also include your lips!  One of the reasons our lips get so uncomfortable in the colder months is because we don’t exfoliate them to eliminate the dead skin cells.  Exfoliating does wonders on eliminating those dead skin cells and really almost refreshing the skin on our lips to give them some relief.  You’re not going to want to use the exfoliating product you use for the rest of your skin, though, instead look for an exfoliating product that’s specifically used for lips.

Moisturize Your Lips
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the importance of keeping your lips moisturized.  Because the air is so dry, our lips often crave even more moisture, but when we don’t exfoliate that’s even more prominent.  Make sure that after you exfoliate your lips you apply a moisturizing product like a lip balm or even a natural oil (coconut and olive oils are great).  In addition, make sure that you’re continuously applying the lip moisturizing product to your lips throughout the day.  This will help to make sure that you lock in more moisture and can help to prevent your lips from cracking or becoming too uncomfortable – as you’ve likely experienced during the winter months.

Don’t forget to take care of your lips this winter, these steps are sure to help you keep your lips from being dry and chapped and you’ll feel SO much more comfortable.