Cleansing skin isn’t something that’s optional to have healthy skin, experts in the industry continue to stress that regardless of your skin type you need to be cleansing daily. Since it is such an important step in any skin care routine, there are a lot of products and tips out there about it. As tempting as it may be, oily skin needs to be cleansed gently. We know hearing that you should be cleansing oily skin gently can mean a lot of different things to everyone, so we found the secrets to gently cleansing oily skin to get you some clarification.

Use the Right Cleanser
We’ve talked about the importance of using the right cleanser in the past, because it’s THAT important. Every skin care expert we’ve read and learned tips from always stress the importance of using cleansers (and other skin care products) that are specifically formulated to work with your skin type. All of us have different skin types, and with different skin types come different skin needs. Using a cleanser that isn’t formulated to work with your skin type can cause the cleansing process to be too rough and harsh on the skin-even causing the skin to be stripped of its natural oils and moisture in a way that can cause irritation and dryness.

Don’t Cleanse Too Often
There is such a thing as over-cleansing and it’s actually pretty common, especially among those with oily skin. If you have oily skin, you may feel as though cleansing your skin more often can help reduce the amount of oil production in your skin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, cleansing your oily skin more than you need to (twice a day is perfect) can cause your skin to lose too much moisture/oil and cause it to become irritated rather than soothed. Much like using the right type of cleansing product, the amount in which you’re actually cleansing can mean the difference between gently cleansing and being too harsh.

Streamline Your Cleansing Technique
While cleansing may be a skin care step that seems pretty straightforward, it’s those ‘little’ details that can really make a difference in how gentle (or not) you’re cleansing your skin. For starters, using the right temperature of water can make a massive difference in how you’re cleansing your skin. Many avid cleansers tend to use water that’s too hot when cleansing. Hot water, much like the other factors we’ve discussed” can cause the skin to become irritated and lose a lot of its moisture. In addition to the water temperature, the way you’re actually cleansing can have an impact on the gentleness of your cleansing process. Many people tend to want to scrub the skin when cleansing to get rid of oil and dirt, but truthfully scrubbing is too harsh of a technique to use when cleansing oily skin. Even though you’re trying to control the oil in your skin, scrubbing and applying too much pressure can have reverse effects. Yes, even oily skin!