Getting ready for prom is an exciting and fun time for most teenagers. Planning details like what type of transportation to take, what outfit to wear, or wear to hang out post prom can consume the lives of young ladies and gentlemen getting ready for prom. Choosing an outfit is usually much simpler for a guy; go to a tuxedo rental, choose from 1 of 10, done. For girls, the dress options can seem endless.American Hustle Over the top 70s glamour is the hallmark for American Hustle. The majority of the dresses are racy with low cut necklines. Go for a backless gown or a wrap style. If you see a dress which combines that with sparkle or chains you will nail this look. For the hair go with an elaborate updo or a cascade of tiny curls. Add a faux fur topper and long red talons to really nail this look. Gangster Squad This uber stylish movie is set in 1949, a time when style was on the brink of drastic changes. To pull off this style the first thing you need is red lipstick! After you got that down go for a glamorous side-swept hairdo with curls and side swept bangs. A fitted dress, especially one with a train, with glittering accessories like a rhinestone hairpiece and elegant jewels. This look would also look great with some faux fur; try a stole or wrap. Finish off this style with metallic peep toes or sandals. Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby epitomizes 20s flapper style with lots of embellishments, amazing hair, and jewels, jewels, jewels. Choose dresses with beading, rhinestones, and embroidery. To modernize the flapper look choose dresses with more flattering silhouettes rather traditional rectangular shaped styles. For those getting their hair done go with a faux bob, which makes long hair look like a short bob style, or incorporate a finger wave into your locks. As a finishing touch pile on the jewelry! Hunger Games This film provides so much visual stimulation and amazing style inspiration. From the over the top styles of the “Capitol” to the coordinating getups of the main characters Katniss and Peeta. There are countless scenes which can inspire a gorgeous prom look so we will try to narrow it down to just a couple. To get the Effie Trinket to look down without looking ridiculous choose volume, ruffles, and color! A great style of dress to channel her look it is a strapless midi dress with a voluminous tiered skirt in a jewel tone shade like emerald or sapphire. To really get her look down you need to match your hair color to your outfit. A fun way to get the look without the permanence is with hair chalk. Katniss has more wide-ranging style between her everyday looks and the outfits she is dressed in for events that are in the public eye. If you are inspired by her competition outfit style choose a floor-length body-hugging dress in a dark color wear it with braided hair and natural makeup. If you loved her fire dress you will obviously need a dress in bright red or bright orange that is fitted to the waist and a flared out skirt. Go with loose flowing curls to really complete the look.