Example of bad holiday styleDon’t be like these guys – read up on Lionesse posts this week for great holiday style.

Ladies look forward to this time of year all year long, because we get to break out our favorite sweaters, shop for cute jeans, and wear our hair in new and fun hairstyles. We even get to go to the salon and have our hair done a darker shade for the coming winter months. There’s just something special about the Holiday season, as it gives an overall good, happy feeling. Be sure to share these posts with all of your friends – after all, can’t we all use a little extra help around this season?

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Fashion Accessories for the Holidays- This article serves to educate you lovely ladies on the types of accessories you should wear for the Holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah. Find some great tips, tricks, and how-to’s in one versatile article.

Updo for Thanksgiving Dinner – This informative article gives you tips as to the different types of updos that are appropriate for Thanksgiving Dinner, and provides gorgeous pictures as well to give you a general idea of how the hairstyle actually looks. Simple enough for beginners, these awesome updos are easy to create all on your own.

Holiday Fashion Trends – In this article, we speak about the current trends right now and give you inspiration on the fashions you will wear to look your best throughout the holidays. If you are prone to fashion faux pas, you will surely appreciate this piece. We are here to help!

Holiday Hair & Makeup Ideas –  When the holiday season arrives, it’s generally a time to get a bit more jazzed up than usual and accentuate our hair and makeup in a slightly (or completely) different fashion. Perhaps you want to do something a little bit over the top and bold. This guide will help you to understand the different hair and makeup ideas you can try out, and perfect, until you get it right.

How to Host an Ugly Sweater Party –Ugly sweater parties are a lot of fun, and are something you can do yourself at your own home. Without much planning or practice, ugly sweater parties can offer entertainment in and of themselves, and also give you a great reason to wear that horrendous sweater from Aunt Gertrude. Find out how to host your very own Ugly Sweater Party by reading up on this article.

Darker Hair for Winter – Changing your hair for the season is a nice way to welcome in winter, and also give yourself a much-needed change in hairstyle. With many coloring options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with going darker. How dark is dark enough for your particular hair color, you wonder. Do I really need to leave my platinum blonde behind? Find all you need to know within this Dark Hair for Winter article.