As we start to get older, so many of us are out to seek ways to maintain our skin and its appearance.  We’re right there with you!  While ‘aging’ is often thought of as just something that’s a part of life, and it is to a point, you know we’re all about finding ways to help with boosting your skin’s vitality.  Fortunately, there are some pretty simple ways that you can boost your skin’s vitality – seriously!  We’re sharing some tips and tricks so you can begin to apply them to your own habits to give your skin that boost you want.

Start Getting Serious About Sun Exposure and Protection
Here’s the deal… the sun wreaks major havoc on your skin.  It’s said to be one of the biggest factors that can cause signs of aging to pop up.  That being said, it also tends to reduce your skin’s elasticity and overall appearance.  If you really want to give your skin that boost, it’s time to start getting really serious about limiting your sun exposure and upping your sun protection.  This means, staying out of the sun as often as possible – especially during peak hours (10 am – 4 pm) when the sun is at its strongest.  In addition, it’s important to get on your game by really applying proper sun protection.  Remember that even though it’s the winter season the sun is still out and can cause damage to your skin so you should be applying sun protection to your skin all year.

Use Certain Foods to Your Advantage
Food is a pretty wonderful thing, of course aside from the fact that it tastes great there are certain food groups that have really powerful benefits that can really do wonders for your health and your skin.  Experts suggest that incorporating more foods that are high in antioxidants and water-rich can really do wonders for your skin’s vitality.  Not sure what we mean?  Things like berries, cucumbers, olives, nuts, and salmon are all known to have really wonderful benefits to help your skin with its vitality and elasticity.

Treat Your Skin Well, and Use the Right Products
The thing about skin care products is they aren’t all created equally and what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another.  It’s important to make sure that you’re using skin care products that cater to YOUR skin’s type and aren’t too harsh.  Using products that are too harsh can cause damage that can affect your skin’s vitality in a negative way.  If you’re not quite sure what type of products you should be using, ask a trusted skin care professional.  In addition to using the right type of skin care products, make sure that you’re being gentle on your skin.  When we’re too rough on our skin in the way that we apply skin care products and makeup and such, it can really cause our skin’s vitality to decrease.