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Golden Sapphire Collection

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  1. Golden Sapphire Serum

    Golden Sapphire Serum

    Apply to a fresh and clean face. Massage onto face, concentrating on areas with deeper lines. Use daily. For best results follow with Golden Sapphire Cream.
  2. Golden Sapphire Cream

    Golden Sapphire Cream

    Apply generously to a fresh and clean face. Use daily as part of your beauty routine. For best results apply after Golden Sapphire Serum.
  3. Golden Sapphire Liquefier – Powder

    Golden Sapphire Liquefier – Powder

    Apply powder to clean face. Massage in circular motion until the powder turns into water and dissolves concentrate on concerning areas. For improved results mix with Golden Sapphire Serum. Repeat once or twice a week.
  4. Golden Sapphire Solidifying Peel-Off Mask

    Golden Sapphire Solidifying Peel-Off Mask

    Achieve a healthier appearance with the Golden Sapphire Peel-Off Mask. Everything you need for a glowing complexion is included in this indulgent boxed set. Formulated with gold, collagen and vitamins, the one of a kind mask solidifies upon application so you can peel your way to a radiant look.

4 Item(s)